A Chain for Memes

Basic Meme Chain will revolutionize meme coin trading within the Base ecosystem with a streamlined blockchain experience. This network, an Optimism stack Layer 3 (L3) rollup, settles transactions on the Base network and utilizes Celestia as its Data Availability layer, ensuring swift and secure meme coin exchanges at low cost.

Basic Meme Chain marries the playful spirit of meme coins with advanced blockchain technology, offering a distinctive and engaging platform for the digital asset community.

Key Features

  • Optimized for Memes: Fast & cheap txs reduce barriers to experimentation & creativity.

  • Seamless Bridging: Allows both memes and capital to move freely across networks.

  • Basic Dog Meme as Gas: It's a meme chain so of course a meme coin will be used for gas! This unique approach integrates meme culture directly into the blockchain's economy.

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