The Team

Basic Meme Chain's development and strategic direction are guided by a small, yet profoundly influential team, bringing together a mix of active and passive participants with rich backgrounds in blockchain technology and the web3 space.

The diverse team is composed of figures from the Archipelago group; including, but not limited to:

  • Coelacanth, a crypto OG & the creator of Basic Dog Meme

  • Chico, a notable web3 thought leader

  • Nose, a DeFi protocol maven

  • Kevin L, an experienced lawyer and executive

Their inclusion not only adds a layer of depth and expertise to the project but also signals a commitment to innovation and community-driven development.

Overall, the Basic Meme Chain team's composition is a testament to the project's foundational principles of innovation, security, and community engagement, positioning the platform to make a significant impact on the meme coin market and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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