Basic Dog Meme was created on the first day of the Base network's public launch (July 13th 2024).

All 1 Billion $DOG is in circulation and the token is fully distributed and decentralized.

The project kept minimal resources to fund development and the project has continued largely on a volunteer basis. The creator of the token claimed 3 Million $DOG during the initial airdrop and has not received any additional funds to date.

$DOG is purely a meme coin. The initial project had no further intention of continuing development or adding additional utility. Basic Meme Chain is a separate entity from the distributed token.

Token Distribution

  • Airdrop: 500 Million $DOG was distributed via a fair airdrop over the first two days.

  • Liquidity: 300 Million $DOG was reserved for Liquidity Provisioning

    • 100 Million $DOG was put up on Leetswap, but the DEX suffered a catastrophic failure and around 50 Million $DOG was permanently locked.

    • 100 Million $DOG was used as Liquidity on Aerodrome when it launched.

    • 100 Million $DOG was allocated to Market Makers.

  • Incentives: 150 Million $DOG was set aside to fund incentives.

    • A portion of this is automatically released to the $DOG/WETH Aerodrome gauge each epoch.

  • Growth and Development: 50 Million $DOG was set aside for development expenses.

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