$DOG Token

Contract Address: 0x9e53e88dcff56d3062510a745952dec4cefdff9e

Basic Dog Meme: A Pioneer in Base Meme Coin Culture

$DOG, the Basic Dog Meme token, proudly holds the title of the first meme coin deployed on the Base network, marking its launch alongside the network's inception. This token has quickly ascended to become one of the largest meme coins on Base by market capitalization, a testament to its popularity and community support.

Fair Launch

  • Over the first two days following the network's launch, $DOG was airdropped to users in a public event. Anyone who bridged Ethereum (ETH) to Base and requested an airdrop via Twitter was eligible to receive the token.

  • $DOG was not announced ahead of launch and had no insiders that bought large sums of the token prior to it being publicly available for trade.

Organic Growth

  • $DOG steadfastly refuses to engage in paid marketing campaigns, emphasizing a growth strategy rooted in genuine community support rather than financial influence.

  • $DOG deliberately avoids compensating influencers or thought leaders, underlining its commitment to organic engagement and authentic discussions around its value.

  • The current breadth of $DOG's community is a direct result of its refusal to leverage paid promotions, showcasing a dedication to natural growth and a loyal, organically-built following.


  • $DOG is not just a symbol of meme culture; it also embodies the innovative spirit of decentralized finance (DeFi). The token is integrated into DeFi protocols on the Base network, offering holders opportunities to earn enhanced yields.

  • DeFi integrations benefit both the token holders and the ecosystem by both increasing $DOG's liquidity and exposing meme coin enthusiasts to the world of DeFi.

  • Basic Dog Meme demonstrates how meme coins can contribute beyond their cultural value through utility and DeFi integrations.

$DOG stands as a pioneering meme coin that combines the playful essence of meme culture with the practical benefits of DeFi, offering a fun experience for the "degens" that like to play with money.

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